Porter Chiropractic
Clinic P.C.
We believe that the human body is an incredible creation, capable of healing itself under most circumstances with a little assistance.
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Our Mission
At Porter Chiropractic Clinic P.C., our objective is to provide the most effective diagnosis and treatment or referral for each condition, correcting the cause of disease in the most timely manner, and then giving the patient the tools that he or she needs to manage the condition on their own through exercise/rehabilitation. This is done to minimize the number of treatments needed to accomplish returning the patient to maximum health. We believe that this is the ethical practice of chiropractic.

Who we are

At Porter Chiropractic Clinic PC, we believe that your healthcare is best determined by the doctor and the patient in a team approach.

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Our Team

At Porter Chiropractic Clinic we employ only professionally trained and credentialed employees.

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