Updates and Announcements for Covid -19

September 22, 2020

The Missouri Chiropractic Physician Association and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Names Chiropractor Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers on March 30,2020.

So, what are we doing?  Porter Chiropractic Clinic, P.C has policies and procedures in place to help ensure a safe environment for patients and staff. 

  1. All patients and guardians have their temperature taken upon entering the clinic. All patients and parents, guardians are required to wear a mask during their visit unless they have a health condition that makes a face covering contraindicated (example- severe asthma). 
  2. We are doing regular monitoring of all our staff. Each staff member has their temperature taken daily and is recorded in our Covid-19 daily record.
  3. We have hired extra staff for additional disinfecting and cleaning.
  4. Extra cleaning is taking place in the waiting room, restroom, treatment rooms and on the treatment tables.
  5. Extra cleaning is being done in the common and high touch areas hourly
  6. We are washing our hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and wearing face coverings.
  7. Our waiting room is observing social distancing. 

During this health pandemic we must all come together to work to ensure the safest environment possible for chiropractic care. Porter Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. is not a testing site. Dr. Porter is asking only patients, (guardians with minors) to be allowed into the clinic for chiropractic care.  (no extra family members/friends may come with the patients). All patient temperatures are taken at entry to Porter Chiropractic Clinic P.C.  building. Should a patient have a temperature and symptoms of Covid-19, they are asked to follow up by contacting Benton County Health Department Hotline 877-435-8411 and/ or their family physician to be tested for COVID-19. Patients with a temperature (<99.0 degrees F) are asked to follow all CDC guidelines. 

During this time of Covid -19 stress, Dr. Porter asks everyone to remember your essentials for a healthy life style: drink your water daily, eat healthy, get regular chiropractic adjustments, exercise daily, take your vitamins and get 8 hours of sleep. Be sure to consult your physician on a regimen that is specifically tailored to your lifestyle, body type and fitness level.